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Queen Charlotte Island spreads over Alyona and Boleyn islands, who’s leaders and founders are Queen Grace and Queen Clara.

Even if we are royal, we are modern and exist in the same year as in RL. We are not a pure Role Play place, our roles here express us, not characters we play.

We live on principles of obedience and leadership, exploring fantasy and needs that are not so easy to do in the other life, community and respect.

We are immersive, beautiful and give a meaning to our SL, beyond fugitive contacts between people.

Queen Charlotte Finishing School

Queen Charlotte is a Finishing School, aimed at young adults (legal of age) that either need help with improving their etiquette and behavior or to be kept under control and strict punishment.

We offer classes with real content, ballet, as well a fun and friendly community, while guided by attentive and educated staff.

We use corporal punishment, humiliating punishments, school punishment like essays, lines etc and other punishments.

Charlotte school Website

The Good Girls Gazebo

The Good Girls Gazebo is a space where discussions and classes happen, about discipline, punishment, obedience and leadership.

Charlotte Theatre

Charlotte Theatre aims to put on stage, quality plays with outstanding visuals, not only scripts, making use of all the beauty Second Life lets us ! 

If you're interested in being added to the list of actors and be called if we need you, contact Miss Grace.

Charlotte Make-you-Over

If you're not happy with your looks, we can help you, free of charge ! 

Here you'll find more information about it